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TAXABLE MANY SERIOUS CUTS FUEL; Sardjito and Bethesda hospital Absorb Merapi Victims 27/10/2010 05:17:02

YOGYA (KR) - Hospitals in Yogyakarta, respectively, this hospital, Bethesda Hospital preoccupied with the many victims of burns due to exposure wedhus gembel (heat clouds). Hospital staff seemed very busy helping the victims who generally suffered burns.

Two of the victims wedhus gembel Merapi was referred to Bethesda Hospital Pujo Miyono respectively (60) and Wakijan (40) residents Pakem Sleman. Both suffered burns over 80 percent even Wakijan suffered 90 percent burns. They are patient referrals from hospitals Grasia and RS Panti Nugroho.
Pujo Miyono arrived at Bethesda Hospital emergency department at 20:15 pm and the second interval of 30 minutes an ambulance arrived with the patient Wakijan.
On arrival at the ER, their skin peeled off and flushed from the tip of the foot to the face. They immediately received treatment in emergency medical team.
Bethesda Hospital physician, Dr. Sri Rasmiati Spb Pudji to the KR suggests nearly half the body both victims suffered severe burns. Ample burns require treatment long enough. In addition to treating injuries, it also provides treatment for burns heavy breathing greatly affects the power of breath.
"After a given treatment in ER patients will we move into the Intermediate Care. How long will it be treated still do not know depends on his condition. If patients with severe injuries like that it takes a long time, "said Dr. Pudji.
When given treatment in both patients with ER room wailing moan in pain. If not treated immediately and was given breathing treatment of patients would be jeopardized his soul. Burns to the face will affect the performance of the respiratory tract.
In this hospital, also received a referral of disaster victims of Mount Merapi. Until this news was revealed, this hospital continues to accept delivery of the victim.
Meanwhile, the Bethesda hospital also sent medical teams to assist the handling of victims of Merapi. One ambulance containing about 4 people consisting of doctors, nurses and medics have been dispatched. Medical teams are also carrying medicines, medical equipment, blankets and other emergency needs.
In the meantime, RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta also deploy medical teams to the location of Merapi refugees. According to RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Public Relations John Firsad SIP medical team that descended onto the field led by the Director of Medical Services Dr. Joko Murdianto Span (expert anatesi) equipped with two ambulances. The team's first wave of RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta as many as 21 people joined the team from other hospitals.
"PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Unit II in Gamping ready to accommodate victims of Merapi. These include the addition of beds if needed. All medical personnel RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta standby. Including those who are down the task should be ready at any time if needed, "he said. (Team KR)-f

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