Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Art Museum H. Widayat

H. Widayat’s concept of his own museum was expressed in a design by an architect Ir. H. Edji Sukedji who knew during the pilgrimage. The museum’s building was on a land of about 5000 m2 consisting of two floors approximately as large as about 2500 m2. With the beam from the sun lights breaking through the glass walls, it consists of 1st FLOOR EXHIBITION ROOM to display the works of H. Widayat in various media, while the 2nd FLOOR EXHIBITION ROOM is used to display other artists’ works which are the museum’s collection.

In it’s early development, H. Widayat also built a dwelling which is also his studio and guest houses for his guests to stay. The museum was to exhibit the selected fine artworks by late H. Widayat and board of curators to become a permanent collection and to be enjoyed by art lovers and people at large.

The development of the museum was done in 1994 ang officially opened on April 30th 1994 by minister of education and culture, Prof. DR. Ing. Wardiman Djojonegoro.

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