Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drawing and Sketching with Pencils

Visit the pencil display at an art supply store and you'll face an overwhelming selection of drawing pencil options. Selecting a pencil to draw with is a matter of trial and error. Purchase a variety of brands and try them out on different materials. If you need a jumpstart selecting pencils - pick those with softer leads. Even though you may experience some smudging, the tonal quality and deep blacks are worth it. The photograph above shows a number of pencils in my collection, some of which are no longer available (Berol Draughting 314 and the Staedtler Mars Dynagraph). I recommend using the Prismacolor PC935 Black pencil as an all around drawing pencil. Work with a battery powered pencil sharpener which is much easier to use than a tiny hand sharpener.

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